Truebones Gumroad Store

Truebones is an art-thief that packages, resells, CMU motions.

Here are the links where you can download content Truebones re-packaged.

Why are we doing this? Truebones doesn’t own the copyright to the motion files he produces. Truebones business model is to convert CMU motion and claim them as his own., threatening others, claiming that it’s from Truebones, when Truebones doesn’t own a MoCap studio, nor model files, nor draw.

Truebones uses student version of Motion Builder to scam, convert CMU motions to FBX then to iClone.

Truebones is an art thief who speaks trash about CMU motions. Truebones spends lots of time to convert CMU.

Truebones is a scam-artist who converts CMU motions, then claims it as his own, sells it on his gum-road store.

In the below video Truebones, the blind hypocrite, converts CMU data in MotionBuilder format using student version of Motion Builder